"More than a State of Bread"
IT, MSBI & DaaS Solutions Provider


IT, MSBI & DaaS Solutions Provider

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More than a State of Bread (1999+)

Modern & Mobile BI

MSBI - Microsoft Business Intelligence

Power BI

Deliver BI, Cross Device & Platform
with PowerBI & SSRS Mobile Reports


SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Mobile Reports, PowerBI
[TOAST] cover the MSBI stack & beyond.


Visit our DaaS Store with SQL Ready Datasets
SSAS Cubes, Reports & more for Download

Custom Branding

Tailor SSRS, SSO & more, with compliant & Modern Branding for a slick UI


Fuel Data Science & a Data Centric Culture with Reports, KPIs, Measures & Dashboards

Evolution not Revolution

Leverage existing investments in BI & DaaS Migrate & upgrade with familiar toolsets

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